A lesson about life from playing chess

Since I was a kid, I perceived playing chess as something special, reserved for extra smart, with excellent logic and the ability to foresee 20,30,40 moves ahead. 

I was afraid even to try playing chess. I thought I was not enough, not smart enough, with not enough logic presets in my brain. 

playing chess art

The reality is all those “not enoughness” fear thoughts were just thoughts resulting from 0 (zero) experience of playing chess. After playing several games, the rules seem easy; the chess board looks familiar.

Once I put my mind to learning to play chess, listened to instructions, and tried playing chess several times, it no longer seemed reserved for extra smart. It’s just a game that anyone can learn and become an expert by practicing it.

The same patterns apply to many other life activities.

Very often, fear that stops you from trying new things: starting a new job, opening your own business, launching a podcast, moving to a different place, traveling solo, trying a new personal style, changing mindset, etc. is based on zero experience.

“Not enoughness” has nothing to do with that.

playing chess at home

What’s the way out?

Just start it! Just do the very first step.

having fun playing chess

You can press the continue button once you start, but not the other way.

You can learn, acquire new knowledge, practice and get the desired experience.

The beauty of life is not stored in a comfort zone and doing everything out of habit, but rather feeling comfortable while doing uncomfortable things, the ones that make you grow and evolve.

Confidence will come with every new step you make, moving out of your comfort zone, and exploring the unknown.

Happy business week or if you are reading this article on Friday, Happy weekend!

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