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A photographer and creative adventurer who believes in the power of aesthetics, elegance, and style. 

Fine Art Lifestyle

It’s not a typical blog about fashion, beauty, and glamorous life. It’s about elegant flow, creativity, and action-inspired ideas and info. I write about what I actually practice myself. Fine Art Lifestyle is a reflection of my life’s exploration. I share the places I visit, things that inspire me, ideas that are worth reflecting on, and interviews with creatives.

one-way ticket adventure

Fine Art Lifestyle wouldn’t exist without my one-way ticket adventure in 2013, which started with a solo trip to Finland. In October of that year, I packed my red suitcase, backpack with a camera, a laptop, and only $3000 in my bank account, went on a solo tour around Spain, and ended in Cancun, Mexico, where I lived for nine years. 

A country where I didn’t know anyone and didn’t speak the language became a place where I evolved as a photography artist and solo business owner and grew my confidence. That adventure taught me that abundance is a relative term and that sometimes happiness requires a gentle challenge and a big change. All that became a foundation of the Fine Art Lifestyle.

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experience, elegant joy, creativity, trials and errors, personal style, flow, beautiful surroundings, participation, and support.

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pride, labels, perfection, following trends, hustling, pretending, glam and “haute couture life,” competition, and gold medals.

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Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible. 

– Audrey Hepburn





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portrit session in cancun

I would share a postcard from a tropical paradise if it existed!

When you think about palm trees, the Caribbean Sea, and eternal sunshine, it feels like a paradise. It’s different when you permanently live and work there. Long ago, it was my dream to live and take photos at the beach, and I worked hard to grow my photography business in Cancun, but running for more business turned into less happiness. One day I asked myself: “What’s the point of striving so hard for more if I don’t feel happy?” On the contrary, I was stressed and anxious all the time. The joy of creating vanished and got replaced with a cold, ever-growing “TO-DO list” where it was difficult to find time to simply relax, do nothing and feel life. 

At some point, after staying several days in bed, watching movies, eating ice cream and other desserts (think Bridget Jones, but with no alcohol), I told myself: “I need to change something!” And I did this by infusing my life with aesthetic pleasures, beautifying my surroundings, and having fun with personal style. All that restored balance in my life and reaffirmed what I learned as a student, that Art and aesthetics can bring happiness. 

On the base of my professional background and personal story, I created Fine Art Lifestyle with the goal of sharing inspiration, beauty, creativity insights, and visual elegance. 

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Photography is my lifelong passion. It’s been my devotion through the stormy and peaceful stages of life.

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