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What is Fine Art Lifestyle?

It’s when you enjoy living your life and the beauty of a messy, creative process. It’s about the process and not just the glory of achievement. It’s about what happens behind the scenes and not just on the stage. It’s not about hustling more, but about creating with joy.


Fine Art Lifestyle


How does it work?

Fine Art Lifestyle is an oasis of inspiration, knowledge, experiences and insights into topics that can beautify your life and nourish your inner self with self-caring ideas that inspire gentle action. 

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Art, design is a source of inspiration, creative endeavour for those who wants to have a happier life.


creativity and colors blog


Creativity is a process of knowing your imagination and exploring your capabilities. 

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Personal Stories

My personal stories about solo travel, personal development, living abroad, style, and elevating my life.

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Elena Sullivan fine art lifestyle blog

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The founder of “Fine Art Lifestyle,” a creative adventurer and aesthetic enthusiast who loves a gentle challenge. With a background in art, photography, and design, I am on a mission to help you see the beauty in everyday life, create a flow of inspiration and find the courage to live a life that feels good for you! Having lived in different countries I am eager to share my multicultural experiences with you.

My mission with Fine Art Lifestyle​

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How can Fine Art Lifestyle help you?

The Fine Art Lifestyle blog is a beautiful space to get visually and emotionally inspired. Learn something new and stay informed about cultural richness, aesthetic pleasures, and everyday activities. Happiness is a journey, not just a destination. Life is about experiences and not just accolades and prizes. The more diverse and elegant your experiences are, the more enriched you will feel. Fine Art Lifestyle is here to inform you how and where you can do it.


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What do you need to live a Fine Art Lifestyle? 


A commitment to beautify your life



Make time for self-care and new experiences


Let yourself to wonder and be inquisitive

get inspired

Tools, resources, books and … FAVORITE THINGS

Enjoy some of my favorite things to help you in your Fine Art Lifestyle journey. Some of the links are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you love something as much as I do and decide to purchase it. I only recommend what I actually like and use myself.


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