Five benefits of finding your personal style.

Twenty years ago, as a student, I didn’t think about finding personal style. It was less popular than it is today. Though glamour magazines like Vogue, ELLE, and Harper’s Bazaar did their best to promote fashion clothes and accessories, I didn’t understand the real meaning of “personal style.” If you asked me about it, I would probably answer something like that: “Personal style is about following the latest fashion trends and having a wardrobe filled with clothes from the newest collections. Thus requires having lots of money.” 

My wardrobe back then was very basic, according to what I could afford: several pairs of jeans, warm pants, knit dresses of dark color and sweaters, and several pairs of shoes, one for each season. I wasn’t thinking about finding personal style, and there were no Pinterest inspiration boards or affordable online shopping.  

After graduating from University, I was more focused on finding a job and defining my goal for life. Then trying to make my personal life look pretty – getting married but soon after divorcing. Two years later, I challenged myself by traveling solo halfway around the world with a one-way ticket. I didn’t have time to think about finding a personal style, although somewhere along the way, I realized the healing effect of wearing colorful clothes. 

Nowadays, personal style is discussed more often, and there are much more opportunities to define it. In addition, social media, like Instagram and my favorite, Pinterest, has made it easier to look for inspiration and create mood boards that are very helpful in the search for personal style

How important is having a personal style? The answer depends on your background, surroundings, and aspirations. You’ll probably consider it important if you want to elevate your confidence, level up your life, and energize yourself with visual aesthetics. Even if you have yet to learn how to find your personal style, the fact that you are researching it means it’s gaining more importance in your life. 

I didn’t know finding your personal style had benefits until I experienced that on my own. It was more of an improvised exploration, where I wondered, researched, asked myself dozens of questions, and finally had my “aha moment”. It was a great experience! 

Finding your personal style is not a one-day trip to the nearest shopping mall but rather an exciting journey. And as with every journey, it takes time. It might take several days, weeks, or months, depending on the following:

  • the level of your emotional investment
  • decisiveness 
  • understanding of your body type 
  • aesthetic and visual guidance 
  • recognizing the goals of the “Finding your personal style” journey

Five benefits of finding your personal style

  • It helps to redefine and crystalize your individuality. 

There are moments in life when you voluntarily change the direction of your life, or you are forced to do it. The results of some events or experiences pivot your thoughts in a different direction. It might be after a breakup or divorce, switching jobs or moving to another country, a midlife dilemma, or a strong desire to level up life. However, the general vibes of that moment are always the same – shaky, unstable, and hectic. That’s when finding your personal style can be very handy. Due to the visible nature of clothing, defining personal style can have a much stronger effect on the conscious and subconscious mind. Many researchers have proven that sight is the strongest sense in humans. And seeing your reflection in the mirror, personal photos and videos is a direct act of using your sight, your beautiful eyes. So, when you find your personal style, it becomes easier to redefine and shape your new individuality because you will see the results immediately, reflected in the mirror. Clothing, accessories, and other elements of personal style serve as a visible confirmation and tangible demonstration of your individuality. 

The main part of my journey of finding a personal style happened after my second divorce. After emotional healing and finally taking control of my life, I purchased a course from a feminine coach Candice Oneida. Her classes helped me to understand what piece of the puzzle was absent in my life. And one of them helped me to rediscover my femininity and find my personal style. The results were amazing! Since then, I have studied personal style extensively and become its avid promoter.
  • Boost confidence

Confidence results from experience – learning, creating, achieving, winning, liking something, and feeling happy. It’s the process of growing, trying new activities, and expanding your own perception of yourself. Finding your personal style can be challenging, but the outcome boost in confidence is worth all the effort. 

  • Business benefits

Your personal style provides you with a unique visual voice, though it’s soundless but very visible. And in the business world, where you need to be seen to strive and promote your services, having a personal style can raise your visibility level. 

  • It makes shopping for clothes easier

Every time you go grocery shopping, it’s easier and takes less time when you have a list of items you need to buy. You know exactly what you want and don’t hesitate about your choice. The same scenario happens when you know your personal style and can define it with three words. That’s when shopping for clothing turns into a pleasurable activity and brings satisfaction. 

  • You become your own muse

I often repeat in my videos and articles: “Dress to impress yourself!” It’s about YOU, not someone else. Your personal style is yours, and no one else owns it. It’s all about you, your unique story, aspirations, goals, and version of happiness. Thus, finding your personal style is your personal journey, and you must be an active participant. Whether you do it by yourself or with the help of a personal stylist, your choices will be inspired by the direction you are heading to in your life. You are the director of your life, and defining your personal style can help you to become your own muse. 

Would you like advice on personal style? Let me know in the comments, and I will gladly help you on your journey of finding a personal style.

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