Visit and enjoy P Fine Art gallery in Suwanee

Spring is in full bloom, promising more happy days and symbolizing rebirth. Birds start singing, buds are opening, the sky is bluer, and the sunlight feels exceptionally generous.
The second week of March, my friend artist Francoise Lama-Solet invited me to visit P Fine Art Gallery. There was an exhibition opening, where she presented several of her paintings. I gladly agreed, and on Friday evening, together with my husband, we drove to Suwanee, GA, where the art gallery is located.

I felt welcomed and comfortable when I stepped into the P Fine Art Gallery. There was something special about the interior design. The delicate color of the walls, the wooden floor, the small hallway that continues into a main room with a tall ceiling, the soft sounds of guests’ voices, and the art pieces harmoniously set around the space.
All that together was aesthetically pleasing and radiated the pure beauty of creators and appreciators of art. I felt peaceful and delighted walking around P Fine Art gallery, and that’s a necessary condition to appreciate art. The paintings, wooden sculptures, and pieces of applied art, such as pottery, complemented each other, creating a visually appealing flow for the visitor. It was easy to follow and enriching to view. All that is a result of the refined taste and efforts of the owner Young-sook Park who is also an artist. Her work is exhibited on the second floor of the gallery.

Left photo – Angelika Domschke “Master of Camoflage” Acrylic on canvas
Right photo – Kathy de Cano “Indigo Pathway”
Paintings by Francoise Lama-Solet
Left photo – me with artist Summer Lowe
Right photo – Moonhee Kim (ceramics artist) with Francoise Lama-Solet (painting artist)
Young-sook Park “Miniature Cities and More”, oil on canvas
Young-sook Park “Seoul, Seoul”
Paintings by Young-sook Park

P Fine Art Gallery tours worldwide and presents its art pieces in KIAF Art Seoul, Art Expo NYC, AAF NYC, Art Santa Fe, Red Dot Miami, and Art Dubai UAE.
Its collection represents artists from all over the world Canada, Japan, China, Korea, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and the US. And includes Simon Vargas, Won Sil Kim, Ralph Greene, Beanie Kaman, Marie Chloe Duval, and others.

P Fine Art Gallery contacts:
Address: 894 Scales Rd, Suwanee, GA 30024, USA
Official website – click here.

Paintings by TJ Haugh, acrylic on canvas.
Summer Lowe – “Celestial Rose” and “Celestial Lily”
Left photo – Moonhee Kim “Inside I” “Inside II” and “Inside III”

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