Motivational story about dreams and patience.

May 15, 2014. The story I am about to tell you took place in Cancun, Mexico.

It was scorching hot outside, and I was sitting in the living room with only one ceiling fan. I looked outside the window and mumbled: “I hope the weather forecast is correct, and it will rain tomorrow.” But to my surprise, it started raining in an hour, bringing a pleasant relief in the form of a cool breeze. 

At that moment, I was sitting at the table, in front of the laptop, scrolling through Google search pages, looking for information about promoting my photography business. Mainly it was all the same, except one that suggested doing a photo session for an actor or other celebrity. 

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On the right side of the image are the results of my Signature work - "Empowering Flying Dress photoshoot experience"

But that idea intrigued me, and during the next couple of hours, I did in-depth research about it. In one of the articles, I read about a Russian actress, Natali Andreychenko, who has a villa near Cancun and often stays there.

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So I thought: “Well, that’s nice, and now what, should I knock on the door and say: Hello! I am Elena, a photographer. Would you like a photo session? That scenario sounded like a graceful nightmare, and I just laughed at myself.

I entertained that thought a little more, imagining how I would feel if that happened. Later that day, I discussed it with my husband, and the next day I magically forgot about it and continued with my marketing efforts that promised an immediate result. 

A motivational story about dreams and patience. 

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That summer was uneventful in terms of goal achieving and getting any results. Then, at the beginning of September, I received an email from a woman that presented herself as a chief editor of a photo department in a magazine called “Caravan of Stories”, which is very popular in Russia. The message clearly stated that she was looking for a photographer to do a photo session for an actress currently staying in Cancun.

I answered immediately: Certainly, I am available and will be happy to help you! 

photoshoot for a celebrity
With Natali Andreychenko after the photoshoot

We started communicating via email, and at some point, I asked her: “May I know the name of the actress?” She said Natali Andreychenko. It was the same actress who was mentioned in the article I read in May.

In October of that year, I did a photo session for her, and in January, my photos were published in the magazine. My dream came true. 

Lesson learned – sometimes, when you don’t get immediate results, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it.

Sometimes you have to be patient and give the Universe time to organize it for you because the opportunities are looking for each other. 

motivational story Elena Sullivan

Somebody is looking for what you are offering. Somebody needs to read what you have written. Somebody needs to see what you have painted. 

When you are invited to a party at your friends’ house, you arrive and knock at the door. Then wait a little for your friend to open it and let you in—the same with opportunities in life. 

Be proactive and keep creating but also be just a little more patient, and the day your dream comes true will arrive when you least expect it. 

All the images by ArsVie photo studio.

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