Joseph Stella’s Visionary Nature exhibition in Atlanta

Welcome to an extraordinary journey through the captivating world of Joseph Stella, a visionary artist whose work has left an enduring mark on the art world. I hope you enjoy this article and video I recorded while visiting Joseph Stella’s exhibition “Visionary Nature” at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. The exhibition begins with an introduction to Stella’s early industrial works, showcasing selections from his famous Brooklyn Bridge series.

visiting Joseph Stella exhibition
Behind me is Joseph Stella painting "Flowers", 1931
Joseph Stella in High Museum of Art

Joseph Stella "Visionary Nature". 

Joseph Stella’s journey as an artist was as remarkable as his art itself. Born in Italy, he immigrated to America in search of new horizons. The vibrant energy of New York City would go on to shape his iconic works, such as ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ and ‘The Voice of the City of New York Interpreted.

Brooklyn New York Joseph Stella
american landscape joseph Stella
"American Landscape" 1929
tropical sonata Joseph Stella
"Tropical Sonata" 1921
the water lilly Joseph Stella
spring the procession Joseph Stella
Spring (The Procession), 1916
painting by Joseph Stella
Pyrotechnic Fires, 1919

Another section in the exhibition, “Italy: Origins,” features artworks from Stella’s frequent return visits to his homeland. Stella returned to Italy in 1909, beginning a lifetime of travel back and forth from his native country, as well as frequent visits to Paris—where he would absorb the influences of Fauvism, Cubism and Futurism—and to North Africa and Barbados. 

dance of spring Joseph Stella
Dance of Spring (Song of the Birds), 1924
trees by Joseph Stella
Neapolitan Song, 1929
Lyre bird Joseph Stella
Lyre Bird (on the center), 1925
tree of my life Joseph Stella
"Tree of My Life” (1919) is one of the most significant Joseph Stella’s work, Flora and fauna fill every inch of this canvas, alongside symbols of personal significance to Stella.
purissima Joseph Stella
"Purissima" (1927) was created by Joseph Stella in Precisionism style
High Museum of Art Joseph Stella

From the moment I entered the exhibition, I felt like I was transported to a realm where colors dance and shapes come alive, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. Joseph Stella’s art is a symphony of the senses, a visual delight that beckons you to explore. As you navigate through this mesmerizing exhibition, you’ll witness the evolution of Stella’s style, from his early fascination with futurism to his later embrace of spiritualism. Each canvas tells a unique story, inviting you to decipher the mysteries hidden within.

pictures futurist art joseph stella
red flower Joseph Stella
Red Flower (on the left), 1929 Oil on canvas
barbados paintings Joseph Stella
"Church in Italy" and "Series on Little Lake" 1928

Stella’s masterpieces are a fusion of modernism and surrealism, a testament to his unique artistic vision. His bold use of color and intricate compositions are nothing short of breathtaking, inviting you to lose yourself in the intricate web of his creativity.

Joseph Stella’s influence extends far beyond his own creations. His work continues to inspire generations of artists to push the boundaries of their own creativity.

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