Fall in love with Vinings Gallery Roswell GA

Every time I visit a gallery, I feel aesthetically energized. The visual sensation evoked from experiencing the novelty of artistic expression enriches my imagination. And sometimes, it becomes easier to be creative and fearlessly inventive in my job. 

After a long break from galleries, the first one I visited was Galeries Bartoux in New York City, just three miles away from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Then I moved to the Atlanta area and began exploring the art variety there. And Vinings gallery in Roswell was one of the first galleries I visited. 

One day I was walking in a historic Roswell, admiring marvelous buildings, and mailboxes in cat shapes, inhaling the scent of myriads of vibrant flowers in flower pots while trying to imagine how it was to live here in the 19th century.

“Crazy Love” coffee shop in Historic Roswell, GA
old houses historic Roswell photos
Colorful green charm of historic Roswell, GA
flowers historic roswell
Colorful green charm of historic Roswell, GA

Embracing as much scenery as I could at some moment, I noticed a woman in a window. She was dancing freely, surrounded by waves of a wide, flowy red dress that created a feeling like she was flying. I came closer to her and started openly viewing her from right to left to the bottom. I felt her charming elegance and serine but dynamic movements. She didn’t mind me watching; in fact, she didn’t even know I was looking at her.

She was into her dance and allowed me to be a silent viewer. I don’t know what language she speaks, and it didn’t matter. Her dance and the red dress spoke louder than words. “Who is she?” – I wondered and wished I could ask an artist who created her with soft and deliberate brush strokes. That young woman was a heroine in a gorgeous painting by Anna Razumovskaya, displayed in a window of Vinings gallery.

Vinings Gallery in Roswell, GA.

I followed my curiosity aroused by the woman in a red dress and opened the door. Stepping inside, I discovered a magnificent collection of paintings in Vinings gallery. 

Their collection vibrates with elegant, dynamic, enchanting paintings by Steven Quartly, Maya Eventov, Inam, Mary Johnston, Anna Razumovskaya, Chad Awalt, Alexei Butirskiy, Emilia Pasaqic, Nicoletta Beletti, and many other talented artists.  

Michael Flohr paintings
Paintings by Anna Razumovskaya
Paintings by Anna Razumovskaya
Alexei Bytirskiy paintings

A great gallery invites us to have a visual dialogue and a mutually pleasing exchange of appreciation and admiration. It silences your judgments and allows your senses to be taken over by colors, textures, forms, and other representational mediums. You can experience that at Vinings gallery Roswell, Georgia. Once per month, they have three days of shows (Friday-Sunday) dedicated to one artist whose work is represented in their permanent collection. 

Simon Kenevan paintings in Vinings Gallery

I visited one of these shows for the artist Inam, famous for his vibrant paintings of nature, forests, trees, and rivers. He was born in South Asia, where he learned the essential elements of painting. Later he studied art in London, Istanbul, and Atlanta, where he lives and works. The way he mixes colors and creates highly defined textures is striking and creates an in-depth feeling of magical ambiance. I was happy to have a chance to meet him and have a short conversation about his art. 

Inam exhibition “Dreams realized”
Photo with Inam during his exhibition in Vinings Gallery
Inam paitings in Vinings Gallery

Art symbolizes human goodness, a result of creative potential followed by deliberate and skillful execution. Museums and galleries open a way to know art, learn to distinguish the complexity level of artwork, and understand your own artistic taste, thus elevating the aesthetic appreciation of life. 

There are hundreds of galleries around the globe; each is unique in the way it conveys the feeling of the contemporary moment, respect for the past, and vision of the future. All that is transmitted through the collections of art pieces deliberately organized in a flow that enhances visual pleasure and makes you feel beautiful. Some galleries will have art that resonates with you, and some don’t; the reason may vary, but when you find a special one, you won’t need a reason to come back. Sometimes a reason to admire beautiful art is enough. Vinings Gallery resonated with me and is one of my favorites. 

Thomas Arvid paintings in Vinings Gallery
Michael Flohr paintings

Visit Vinings Galleries in Roswell and Kennesaw:

  • 10 Elizabeth Way Roswell, GA 30075
  • 938 Canton Street Roswell, GA 30075
  • 875 Gettysburg Trail, Suite 530 Kennesaw, GA 30144

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