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It was evening and my fourth day of a solo female trip in New York City. After many hours of walking and exploring this buzzing megapolis, I returned to the West YMCA hostel near Central Park. I had a cup of warm camomile tea with an Italian pistachio Doughnut from Angelina Bakery. After my gustatory sense got fascinated with the delicious aftertaste, I crawled into bed and took my iPhone. Then, it was time to enjoy some silence and research online what more New York has to offer. I’ve already been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and (Moma) Museum of Modern Art, so I wanted to visit someplace less formal and more fun. Thirty minutes of Googling gave me multiple options, including SUMMIT One Vanderbilt and the Color Factory Museum.

Choosing between two was easy because I love vibrant colors; I recently got my certificate in Color Therapy Foundations, and the reviews and photos of the Color Factory were outstanding. So, without further hesitation, I booked my tickets online, opted for the 10.30 AM entry timeline, and I was there the next day by this time. At the end of the article, you will find detailed information about booking tickets to the Color Factory Museum NYC. 

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The Color Factory Museum NYC

The Color Factory is an interactive art exhibition founded in 2017 by event planner Jordan Ferney, artist Leah Rosenberg, and designer Erin Jang. Its first exhibition was in San Francisco, and due to its immediate popularity, it was extended to the last eight months. In August 2018, it opened in the SoHo neighborhood of NYC and became one of New York’s most colorful attractions. 

When visiting the Color Factory in New York, be ready to be amused and color-energized. Behind every door, there is something that will raise your wow-excitement level. Everything in this museum plays with your five senses. In one room, you touch a bright button; in the other, eat a colorful candy, then follow the Q&A map painted on the floor; then walk through a room where colors are changing the imagery displayed on the walls, then play on a musical instrument, listen to music and dance. And finally, slide down to a pool filled with light blue balls. 

There are several rooms in the Color Factory Museum, each designed in a distinct way offering an enriching experience. So if you ask me to choose my favorite, I wouldn’t be able, because I like all of them and each has something special. 

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There was one room where I needed a partner to have a full experience. The way it works is both partners enter the room using different doors and then sit down at the table separated by glass. You can see each other but can’t hear. Then you put on the headphones and follow the instructions. I will not tell you details, not to spoil your experience, which is worth the money and time getting there.  

I didn’t have a partner because I was traveling alone, but thanks to the friendly staff at Color Factory Museum, who helped me and assisted me in this room, I got the full experience. 

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Visiting the Color Factory museum in NYC was my Alice-in-Wonderland type of experience. It reaffirmed my belief in the positive power of colors and showed a different type of museum experience.

I was used to visiting classic types of museums like the High Museum of Art and galleries like Vinings, so I was happy to spend an hour and a half wandering in the Museum of Color NYC. I plan to visit the one that is located in Chicago. 

I’ve never had so much fun in a museum, and I highly recommend you visit the Color Factory Museum in New York and celebrate life in colors. 

Cameras are all around the museum, and you can make them take photos of you in the best spots by scanning your ticket. Then, the next day they will send you pictures via email that you used when purchasing a ticket. 

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Color factory NYC tickets 

Book your tickets online using Color Factory Museum official website The price is $37- $45 depending on the date.

Museum is located on 251 Spring St, New York, NY 10013

It’s opened Monday-Sunday 9AM – 7PM

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