About “Fine Art Lifestyle”

It was a sunny day, scorching hot outside but cool inside my studio, where the air-conditioner was doing a great job. I was sitting at the white table and looking through the multiple papers filled with hundreds of words. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I still love writing down my thoughts with a blue-ink pen. I use my favorite Swarovski pen that runs smoothly and almost effortlessly on every page in touches. My ideas, shaped in phrases and single words, were all about art and life experience. I spent months musing on the concept of my new blog, but that day almost all of a sudden, I heard that one phrase that got so intense in my mind that it was impossible to escape writing it down – Fine Art Lifestyle. The next several months I spent conceptualizing the blog’s main idea and structure.    

“Fine Art Lifestyle” is about using creative and beautiful experiences to upgrade your life. It’s a natural extension of your actions but on a different level. 

True, Fine Art has a lot of academic-royal associations and tons of words and details to understand. But “Fine Art Lifestyle” is not about that. It’s more about the aesthetic side of life and applying what it offers to enhance the quality of your daily life.

Fine Art Lifestyle – upgrade your life with creative and beautiful experiences. 

Fine Art Lifestyle is a place to share, discuss and inspire each other to experience uplifting activities. This is where Fine Art – symbolizes beauty, art, and aesthetics. Lifestyle – life, different daily activities, and motivation to act. 

There are many brilliant blogs about fine art and life written by professionals and for professionals. And some might sound intimidating using complicated language. My blog is not for professionals in art or psychology. I am writing for those of you who have been through good and bad times in life, feel a need for a change, and are ready to upgrade your life with the help of beautiful and creative experiences. I am writing for those of you who would like to know how to travel on your own and are ready to explore the possibilities of mixing clothes and colors, who want to learn more about art but don’t know where to start, who want to venture to start their own business, write a book or paint, but are afraid or don’t have the emotional support to do it. I want this blog to be useful for you but also entertaining. Life should be joyful with never ending questions and curious ways to find answers. Life is interesting, and you choose the level and areas of interest. Life is beautiful, and you select the palette of colors.
Let this blog be your guide in experiencing “your life’s upgrade” with confidence.

What will you find on “Fine Art Lifestyle” blog?

Stories and more stories about fine art and artists, traveling, museums, art galleries, fashion and style, creativity, inspiration, books (I love reading!), and practical information about how to apply all that to upgrade your life and boost your self-esteem. 

Photography is an art, and I’ve seen its power in action. Throughout my photography career, I did hundreds of photo sessions for people from all over the world. And received feedback from my clients saying how experiencing a professional photo session raised their self-esteem and positively impacted their life.

Our life is constantly changing and possibilities expanding. In the year 2022, we can do things that were unimaginable 20 years ago. Think about iPhone, yes, yes, iPhone! A new upgraded one is available every year. And all you have to do is go to the store, and in less than an hour, you exit it with a new, shiny phone. Easy, right? Sometimes investing in an upgrade of your life is as easy as that. The secret is the right intention behind every action. 

I am a woman who overcame many life obstacles to get where I am now. In March 2020, I got divorced (a second time). All that happened in the world at that moment added more stress to the overall confusion in my life. I used the first several months of a Global Pandemic to rethink my life, make a detailed analysis and figure out why it was so messed up.

Struggling initially but unwilling to give up, I applied all my creativity and wisdom, supported by the knowledge from psychology books, and discovered why it happened. Low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence (despite a successful photography business & financial independence), and a confused fear of asking more from life. After I started intentionally applying all the ideas and concepts of a “Fine Art Lifestyle,” my self-esteem grew immensely; I regained my self-confidence and upgraded my life. Now, I want to share this knowledge with you, my dear reader.