27 Irresistible Things to do in Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta is located in metropolitan Atlanta, in Northern Fulton County. Until July 1858, it was known as the town of Milton, and on December 11 of that year, it was registered as the town of Alpharetta. The city’s name may be a variation of a fictional Indian girl, Alfarata, in the 19th-century song “The Blue Juniata”; others claim that it was derived from alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Alpharetta is now Georgia’s 12th most populous city. It is known far and wide as the Technology City of the South due to the large number of tech-focused companies in the city.

things to do in Alpharetta Georgia

I moved to Alpharetta in 2022 and fell in love with the city. As an Alpharetta photographer, creative adventurer, and art promoter, I love exploring the city and surroundings, nature, art sites, and festivals. There is always something to do and to experience, especially in the summer. When it gets extremely hot during the day, a walk in a Big Greek Greenway is one of the great things to do in Alpharetta. Visit the Alpharetta Art Center and the Scene Art Gallery to relish art and support the local art community. ACT1 Theatre does excellent performances, so check their calendar and book your seats. You will have a wonderful time! 

Alpharetta things to do city center

27 Irresistible Things to Do in Alpharetta, GA. 

  • Stop by an Alpharetta Welcome Center. If you are new to the city, that is a must-visit place offering lots of helpful information. 
  • Visit the Arts Center. This is one of the places in Alpharetta I’m always excited to visit. They offer many different creative classes and art exhibitions, with a new one every two to three months. 
  • Enjoy The Scene Art Gallery in the North Point Mall. It’s a place that many local artists call home. Wednesday and Thursday opened 11 AM – 7 PM, Friday – Saturday 11 AM – 8 PM, Sunday 12 AM-7 PM. Monday and Tuesday it’s closed.
  • Farmer’s Market every Saturday 8.30 AM -12.30 PM
Alpharetta things to do on Saturday
Alpharetta farmers market
  • Walk along the Avalon. A mixed-used development area opened in 2014 has quickly become a main attraction for families, couples, and everyone looking to enjoy upscale vibes with a suburban living background. 
Avalon in Alpharetta
  • Explore Alpharetta’s city center with dozens of great restaurants and bars, including Roaring Social, SmokeJack BBQ, Kilwings Coffee and Ice Cream, etc. 
  • Big Greek Greenway. Multiple access areas make it easy for local residents to get there and enjoy a refreshing walk, ride a bicycle, roller skate, or just run. 
  • Ameris Bank Amphitheater offers an impressive calendar of live concerts. Sit on the lawn or chair and enjoy your favorite music. 
  • Visit the Experience Avalon website for a list of energizing and entertaining events.
  • Check out Alpharetta Library, which hosts many engaging FREE workshops and classes. 
brooks street park Alpharetta
Brooke Street Park near Alpharetta Library
  • Free event at The Plaza. Avalon Night’s Live on Fridays 6 PM – 8 PM, April 7 – October 20
  • Have fun playing mini Golf at The Fringe Miniature Golf.
miniture golf Alpharetta
mini golf in Alpharetta
  • Family Skate Center “The Cooler” Sports center offers ice skating & hockey lessons & teams, plus volleyball, yoga & martial arts.
  • Walk around the Arts District in the Brooke Street Park. 
Arts street Alpharetta Georgia
street art Alpharetta Georgia
the visitor statue in Alpharetta GA
  • Top Golf is an easy way to enjoy Golf within city limits, with good food and services.
TOP golf Alpharetta
Top Golf thing to do in Alpharetta
  • Alpharetta and Old Milton County History Museum is comprised of a permanent collection of artifacts and interpretative displays.
  • Will Park Equestrian Center. From horse shows and rodeos to concerts and symphonies, the Equestrian Center is the heart of Wills Park, hosting a variety of events throughout the year.
  • Cooking classes in Apron cooking school located at Publix. I went there once with my husband and truly enjoyed it. I shared my experience in the article “Cooking class experience at Publix Aprons school Alpharetta”
  • Relax, walk, and enjoy family time in Webb Bridge Park.
  • Taste of Alpharetta in the city center in May. It presents an unforgettable array of culinary magic throughout the area’s charming downtown. 
  • For the love of wine! Enjoy the Alpharetta Wine Festival and wine tasting in Fermented Saturday Wine Tasting in the city center.
  • Celebrate your life with a Flying Dress photoshoot. A flying dress photoshoot is a break from the everyday hustle, an invitation to an exquisite feminine world where dreaming is a healthy everyday habit that fuels your spirit. A flying dress photo session is an allegory of all things feminine. It is elegant, bright, creative, charming, graceful, inspiring, and cheerful. Learn more about it by visiting the following page, a flying dress photoshoot experience.
flying dress photoshoot Alpharetta
flying dress to do Alpharetta
flying dress pictures in Alpharetta
  • Arts Street Festival at The Grove at Wills Park. May 25-26, 2024 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. The date can be changed for the following years, so confirm it before planning your visit.
  • Free Yoga classes in The Plaza at Avalon. Every year, April 5 – October 25, on Wednesdays, 6 PM to 7 PM.
  • The Annual Alpharetta Women’s Half Marathon and 5K in November is a family-friendly event.
  • Visit a local theatre ACT1. Check out the performance schedule on the following the next link.
  • For women only! Join “The Power of the Dress” community based in Alpharetta and welcome women worldwide. The group’s mission is to inspire women by bringing valuable information and surround us with elegant, creative, joyful vibes and like-minded women. It’s about creativity, art, elegance, joy, and femininity. 
power of the dress community

If you are a local business that offers fun, family-friendly art activities and would like me to add you to the list of Things to do in Alpharetta, GA, contact me at fineartislifestyle@gmail.com

All photos by ArsVie photo studio, which offers elegant and creative branding photography and styling in Alpharetta and the Atlanta area. Branding photoshoot is for every professional, creative, entrepreneur, and business interested in elevating their online presence and visual side. 

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